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This book establishes a global model for successful film festival creation and management. This publishing project is based on in-depth study of more than 100 organizations, involving research and interaction with leaders of U.S. and international groups, based on substantive interviews (600+ hours) with over 200 festival directors, curators and other media arts professionals in the United States and internationally.

In originally opening this Web site, my desire was to receive suggestions and information on how existing festivals could do their work better, and how new film festivals could avoid problem areas experienced by their predecessors. I have received tremendous response and positive comments from filmmakers, festival founders, managers and organizers, volunteers, critics, and fest audiences/attendees over the last 15+ years, and I greatly appreciate your wonderful contributions. Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Based in San Francisco, California, I work professionally as a non-profit fundraising and marketing consultant, and I currently consult with national and international start-up and established film festivals, media groups, and independent filmmakers in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development.

I can be contacted for more details by email -  Click here for FILM FESTIVAL CONSULTANTS page.


This precedent-setting book describes how to successfully start and run film & video festivals. It functions as a technical assistance and resource guide valuable to a national and international audience.

Among Those Who Will Gain From Using This Book:

•New, start-up groups creating their first festival;

•Existing or emerging media arts programs that may be adding or changing a screening program into a festival format;

•On-going festival organizations which may seek “nuts-and-bolts” information or updated models for effective development and management;

•Exhibiting organizations that may choose to host touring festivals or act as a venue for other established festival groups without creating a specific festival of their own.

As there is nothing in print of any in-depth nature on the subject of creating and managing film festivals, in the past, anyone just starting a film/video festival, or current festivals seeking to improve their event, have had to gather information with some degree of difficulty. This has lead to numerous start-ups and existing film festivals contacting me due to their need for timely and crucial information. My associates and I currently provide specialized strategic planning consultations, which include a complimentary copy of the Creating Film Festivals book.

Previous to the Creating Film Festivals book, the only other written information on the topic was a small (but important) article in A Guide to Films Featured in the Jewish Film Festival entitled “Check List for Programming,” which was also rewritten and updated for the resources section of Jenni Olson’s outstanding book, The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian & Gay Film and Video. There was also other helpful (but somewhat outdated) information in the 1980 book by Blackaby, Georgakas and Margolis, IN FOCUS: A Guide to Using Films.  My Creating Film Festivals book also includes a comprehensive resource bibliography of other related material currently available.

This book benefits from the input of more than 200 leaders in the media arts and festivals fields who support this project, and who recognize the economic and artistic imperatives that keep film festivals in the forefront of international events and media culture.

Researching the substantive material for this guide, I interviewed individuals involved with 100-plus local, regional, national and international film & video festivals

(View Interviewees List & Table of Contents)

The information culled from these organizations offers an extensive model which can be appropriately utilized by groups located in any part of the globe.

Instructions for the adaptation of the material to local circumstances and creative application to local resources is provided to help focus the book’s usefulness for readers in any setting.


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